Excerpt from Reality

Originally a love letter to Utada Hikaru 「Sakura Nagashi」 EVA-Q Ver.  (Music Video)
You're promised of piano lesson, stargazing and debilitating existential dread.
(Full colored, 22 pages).

EXCERPT FROM REALITY. An Evangelion fan comic presented by KOHIU
This comic is a direct inspiration from the song "Sakura Nagashi" by Utada Hikaru. To improve your reading experience, it is recommended to listen to this song. 宇多田ヒカル - 「桜流し」(ヱヴァQバージョン). The QR code will redirect you to the official music video on Youtube
À quatre mains.
"piano four hand" | Kaworu: Are you familiar with it? | Shinji: Hmm.
Shinji: Actually, From what I understood. There are two players in Piano Four Hand. With you being a "Primo", and I'm the "Secondo". The music only starts when you play, Nagisa. My role as a secondary player does not have similar impact at all.
Kaworu: That's no good. You knew that's incorrect, right? Only the two of us can complete a duet.
Kaworu: To me, you're just as needed. | Shinji: I'M NOT—
Shinji: I'm unable to do anything.
"à quatre mains" | Kaworu: How about we go over the basics again. I'm "Primo", the "first", I play on the right side of the piano. The left side is played by you, Ikari, you're "Secondo".
Kaworu: With every high note I play. You will accompany me with a bass chord. Depends on the composition, sometimes it is written to interchange both roles. We can accomplish great harmony; by simply being here, the two of us.
Kaworu: What do you think? | Shinji: This is fine. It's fun to play with you. | Kaworu: I'm having fun too! Ikari's role is just as important as mine.
Do you understand, there is no need to be alone. I will guide you, and you should live.
Shinji: Music is so fun. I feel more confident everyday playing piano with you, Nagisa. I wan to catch up to you soon. | Kaworu: There is no need to rush, we have plenty of time.
Listening to music is great, Creating music is even better. Music blocks away my thoughts and my worries; The reality that I ー "I don't know"
"You will no longer pilot EVA", "Like you'd know!", "Please do not pilot EVA." "PILOT THE EVA."
Shinji: Ah, it's a recording of our rehearsal. | Kaworu: I want you to hear how much we have improved. | Shinji: It's very good. | Kaworu: We sound good together.
Shinji:「Can I ask you something?」Kaworu:「What is it, Ikari?」Shinji:「You are "primo", right? As a primary player.」Kaworu:「That's right」Shinji:「And I'm the second player」Kaworu:「"Secondo", who is just as important as "primo"」Shinji「I see, so if I catch up with you, Nagisa, the duet will sound better.」
Shinji:「And if I surpass you」「What would happen?」「Cannot stop.」
The tempo, Must be faster, I have to do it. That way. I- I can finally make others happy.
Kaworu: DON'T DO IT SHINJI! | Shinji: 「Kaworu? When did you call me by my first name?」「ーAh.」
The duet can be completed by two pianists on the same wavelength. OUR QUATRE MAINS IS A SUCCESS. THE FOURTH IMPACT BEGINS
An excerpt from realiy. ーfin.