Kan (KOHIU) Pham

Kan is a self-taught Vietnamese digital artist living in Ho Chi Minh City. Their primary tool is Clip Studio Paint with a busted up 10-years old Wacom Intuos-4. Despite their lack of interests in an upgrade on equipments, Kan is most passionate in creating illustrations, character designs, and visual developments. They get bored easily when not being challenged by an ongoing project: be it zine, anthology and video game.

Kan is currently available to remote jobs as well as commissions.
For inquiries, email at contact@kohiu.com


Labzero - Indivisible 2019 | Cutscene Character Illustration

Magic Mirror Hall - Gamejam 2018 | Cutscene Illustration

Luminare Saga Blacksmith 2016 | Character Design

Project Unannounced 2015 | Character Card Illustration 

"Hmmm... that's crispy"

Cut-scenes Illustration

Indivisible (2019)

Assigned Roles: Lineart, Flat, Cell-shading.

Magic Mirror Hall (2018) 

Assigned Roles: Lineart, Flat, Final Colors. 

Character Design

Luminare Saga Blacksmith 2016

Personal Commissions (2017-2023)