Payment is UPFRONT and through PAYPAL and Payoneer (Experimental). Price is in USD.

To place an order, you can:

(18/05/2024 GMT+7)   Current queue is full. Reservation OPEN.

Queue-list (January-February): (5 completed) CLOSED

Reservation (May-July): (2 slots taken) OPEN

PRICE LIST (click to expand)

Character Commission


Thigh-up:  $130 | Extra character +$90

Full-body: $180 | Extra character +$140 | Specific background: +$90


Thigh-up: $260 | Extra character +$200

Full-body: $350 | Extra character +$270 | Specific background: +$200

Character Design

One Sheet: $880. This price includes:

Please check options below for more details of each commission type.


Fill in the commission form below. Or follow this link:  https://forms.gle/7FikMtJntLAipQj37

TERMS OF SERVICE (click to expand)


Payment is UPFRONT, through PAYPAL, and price is in USD. With an exception of Character Design commission, Client can pay partially upfront with the minimum of 200USD.
Client will be reminded in 3-day cycle to complete their invoice. If there is not any response in the period of 30 to 60 days, the commission is automatically cancelled.
Price and term of service for commercial commission work cannot be displayed in public and can only be discussed privately via emails.


This rules of conduct is applied for personal commission only (non-commercial).
A commissioned work may take up to two weeks or a month to complete. Client can ask for the status of their commission at anytime.
Revision for a completed commission should not take up more than 30% of the artwork. A request for such adjustment required to pay extra fees. Simple adjustments such as Recolor, Add missing details, Resize or Modify in the means of Artist's comfort zone, are all free of charge.
For NSFW/R18 commission, Client cannot order a NSFW/R18 commission unless they are 18 year of age or older. Client is also required to disclose their Date of Birth as verification of this commission type. All of these information will be kept private.
Artist has the rights to refuse any commission request. An explanation or reasoning may not be stated unless for decline out of courtesy.


All Rights Reserved to the artist (KOHIU).
Commissioned work is for personal use only (non-commercial).
Artist (KOHIU) does not involve in buying, selling and/or creating Non-Fungible Tokens/"NFTs".
All artworks are NOT authorized to be in any Blockchain or Blockchain-related technologies(Cryptography), including, but not limited to, the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens/"NFTs", and/or similar current or future Blockchain-related technologies. Unauthorized artwork that are located in a blockchain and/or are listed for sale on any NFTs marketplace will be reported and taken down.
The Client owns the rights to share, reupload, reference, crop, resize and use the finished commission as their icon/header/roleplaying/assets for streaming. This is applied to both private and public space. The Client is not allowed to profit from the commission in any way.
In the case of Original Characters (OCs), please make sure the original owner has given full permission to commission their OC(s) with the Client's OC(s). This is applied to gift commission as well.
Finished Commission will be published and watermarked on the Artist's websites. The watermark will also include the Client's and their shared party's public name/handle in credits. If Client wishes to have their information and/or the commission to be private, please mention in the beginning of the commission.
Other than the Artist (KOHIU), The Client and specified shared ownership of the Finished Commission (fan arts or OCs). No other individual is allowed to redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use the Finished Commission in any way. A Take-down notice will be issued if any of these terms is violated.


All of these information are subject to change when necessary or new situation arises.


1. This is my first time making a commission order, what should I do?

Feel free to take a look around in my offers, such as Character Commission, Design Commission and others. You can follow the guide in my Commission Form. Don't worry, you can fix your form anytime.

To order a commission manually, please fill out these details:

Make sure all three bullets are included in your email. And send to contact@kohiu.com

2. I sent you an email but I haven’t seen any response at all?

It could be a technical mistake. You can email to my alternative kohiu@outlook.com if you haven’t seen a response from me for 48 hours.

3. How does commission queue work?

I usually take up three to five slots at a time. Once you have completed the payment, your slot for the current batch will be secured.

4. How does commission reservation work?

Commission reservation is for the next batch. You will be reminded via email once the next batch is open. Please confirm within 3 days to secure your slot.

I cannot receive your payment when you are in the reservation list.

I will notify you if my next batch takes too long to reopen.

5. Can I take multiple slots on your current queue list?

You can take up to two slots, any more than that will be put into reservation for the next batch. I recommend not to hoard commission slots however.

6. I don’t know where to upload my reference images privately.

You can use any of these sites:

Not recommended: Pinterest (Layout is difficult for me to multitask, please just save the images instead).

Although you can just put the images into a zip file and attach it to your email!

7. Why do you need my paypal email?

I can only complete the payment through invoice. Direct payment is often being over-complicated by paypal and I once had to deal with them freezing my account for two months (it was really frustrating). 

Payment has to be upfront as well.

8. Do you take character design/redesign commission?

Include in your email about your project and what kind of settings you’re going to have with your characters. I will then show you my previous design samples and rates depend on the complexity. Please understand the rate is quite high compared to a regular commission.

9. How long does it take for you to complete a commission?

It should take me at most two weeks to complete a batch of commission. If you are in my commission queue list you should be able to receive the finished work within that time frame.

I cannot start on the commission if the issued invoice isn’t completed.

You will be notified for any delay on the commissions.

10. Do you send sketches and WIPs?

Sketches and WIPs are for

It is recommended to get every details down in your prior request email, and I will check back with you if there's anything I'm unsure of (so no worries).

11. How about readjustment for a finished commission piece?

Readjustments are completely fine if they're simple enough. You can ask me to recolor, add missing details, resize and modify (within means).
I will charge extra readjustments that takes up more than 30% of the artwork.
Please don't ask me to redraw pose and composition entirely.

12. What kind of files do you send to your clients?

I send two files: .png and .psd file with all the layers flatten up.

You can always request a full .psd file (or .csp if you already have Clip Studio Paint) with my process in it. I just don’t send them out often since they eat up a lot of my drive storage.

13. Do you take nsfw and gore commission?

Yes. Please fill out this form to receive a sample link.

You cannot order a nsfw commission if you are under 18.

Please understand I may reject your request if it’s out of my comfort zone.

14. Do you automatically upload your finished commission?

Not at all. I will always ask if the client is comfortable having me upload the finished works on my social media or in my portfolio. The description will have their preferred handle or name to be credited with.

You can always have your commission private.

Feel free to let me know if you want to take down an uploaded commission.

Still have question? Ask away.