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Character Design Sheet

One Sheet: $300.

This price includes:

  • 3 colored full-body: $225

  • Facial expression(s) + Design details: $75

Fill the form below to order a commission

  • Or Send an email to kohiu(@)outlook(.)com.

*Mirror link if the form does not display:

Details about commission order/reservation:

How to order Character Design Commission:

  • Provide the general ideas/concepts, and settings you are going to have for your character(s). Feel free to link any inspiration images/sites you had prepared!

  • Pitch board example. LINK

  • Commission is for personal use only Please make sure to have your pitchboard described in most accurate and precise from the beginning. Slight adjustments can be made such as character's skin & hair colors, their facial expression or some of their clothing details.

  • Once the discussion is settled, please provide your paypal email so I can send an invoice. You can pay half upfront. After I have finished with the character sheet, you can complete the later half of the payment.

  • Commission Progress:

    1. Client provides their Pitchboard (example below)for the customized design. When all information approved, Client pays half upfront ($150 minimum).

    2. Artist works on the thumbnail sketches of the design, and Client can choose the design, or negotiate for any needed adjustments for the design. Other half of the payment should be completed after approval of the sketch.

    3. Artist works on the entire design sheet to completion. No additional payment is required in this part.

** Anthropomorphic character is not available for Design Commission at the moment. (Please make sure your character has all human limbs).

How to reserve commission when all slots are filled:

    • Simply email me at to confirm your reservation in next batch.

    • If you do not receive any response from me within 48 hours, please CC to my alternative email:

    • You will be reminded via email once next batch is open. Please confirm within 3 days to secure your slot.